MVP Speaks On Possible WWE Return, Orton, Punk, More

Former WWE Superstar recently spoke with The Miami Herald about a number of subjects, including his character for the Wrestling Retribution Project, his time in WWE and more.

On the subject of the character he played during the Wrestling Retribution Project television tapings, MVP said, “My character is the Lord of War, an Iraq war veteran returning to the US with a sense of entitlement.” MVP continued, “He feels betrayed by his country. Typically in the world of wrestling your war hero is a good guy. You want to cheer for him. In this case, the Lord of War is not a good guy at all. He is very anti-American. He feels he and his brothers in arms have been betrayed by his country and the establishment. It says a lot of truth that most people find hard to stomach. You have the good old red, white and blue who are all the good guys. No, we are not all the good guys. That is what we are told and perception, it’s not always true.”

MVP also insisted that he has not ruled out a return to WWE. “I’ve never had the opportunity to work with Daniel Bryan, who is one of my favorites. On the indies I loved the American Dragon. I thought he was an incredible talent. Randy Orton and I almost had a feud when I came over to Raw, and for whatever reason, they put the brakes on it. I’d like to work a program with Randy. The one match Randy and I had was awesome. We just went out there and worked. He praised me afterward.”

On the topic of Orton, MVP continued, “Some people say Randy can be a hard guy to get along with. I get along great with Randy. The one time we actually got to work on Monday Night Raw, we had a great match, and I had an awesome time.

MVP also spoke about CM Punk. “I can’t forget CM Punk, my boy from FIP. He is at the top of his game now. We had the opportunity to work once on the indies, and we had one match in ECW. I would love to work a program with him. That would be great. If I did come back, I think I would want to be exclusive to Smackdown. I think I would want to go back there and help that brand and some of the younger guys.”

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