Uncle Of Natalya Upset At Gimmick, Ryback Wins Again

Natalya's Uncle Upset

WWE continued Natalya's farting storyline on last night's SmackDown. WWE says that Natalya has made it an "awkward addition" to her pre-match warm-ups.


Natalya's uncle Smith Hart wrote the following on Twitter about the gimmick:

"I am appalled by this ridiculous flatulence gimmick given to my niece Natalya"

"Anyone that knows Natalya, knows she is a radiant and incredibly inspirational person deserving of so much more."

Ryback Wins Again

Skip Sheffield as "Ryback" won another non-televised match on Friday night. He was a heel and beat Alex Riley with the F-5, which was the finisher of former WWE star Brock Lesnar.