WWE RAW Results (2/27) – Jericho Confronts Punk, GMs Fight For Power, The Rock Returns To RAW

WWE RAW Results

By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

February 27th 2012

CM Punk comes out for his match against Daniel Bryan, but Chris Jericho walks out instead of Bryan and tells Punk he is the best in the world but he didn't need to write it on a shirt. He says he is part of a dying breed, but he was a star before he got there and he had a chip on his shoulder and a bad rep in the back. Jericho says Punk is just like him, but it is because he is a Jericho wannabe like everyone else, and Punk tells him to stop. Jericho tries to cut him off but Punk says they are sick of listening, and Punk says his problem is that Jericho said he stole from him because he earned everything he has. Punk says Jericho didn't invent being the best, because he used to watch Bret Hart and asks if Jericho invented Bret or Canada. Jericho says he should laugh it up, but this is on another level because of all he has done in his career including facing legends and great moments.

Jericho says he proves that he is the best, but Punk says his voice and body language say otherwise because it sounds like he have something to prove to himself. Punk says they fought from the same places and made it, but Punk surpassed him and Jericho might have beaten Stone Cold and The Rock in the same night, but he was never the man. He says he is the best wrestler, and he swims with sharks while Jericho dances with stars and goes on game shows. Jericho says he is a bigger star than Punk and he felt ripped off, and all of the videos and fancy ring gear won't matter when he just proves that he is the best in the world. Punk says all he needs to do is point as his title and Jericho didn't need to jump him for attention, but Wrestlemania won't be the end of the world it will just be the end of his.

Champion vs Champion

CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan (w/ AJ)

John Laurinaitis and David Otunga come out to ringside with Teddy Long and Santino Marella, and Bryan jumps Punk in the corner and hits him a few times. Punk fights him off and throws some elbows while everyone else sits down at commentary, then Punk throws another elbow at Bryan and sends him to the floor as we go to a break. We get back and see Bryan kicking Punk in the corner, but Punk chops him then throws another elbow and gets a crossbody for two. Punk works on Bryan's arm, but Bryan knocks him down and drops a knee before kicking him in the chest. (Cont'd…)