Impact Wrestling Results (3/8) – Sting Makes Some Changes, Garret Bischoff Finds A Tag Partner

Impact Wrestling Results

By Bill Pritchard for

March 8th 2012

Ric Flair comes out with Gunner and Eric Bischoff, and Eric says Flair's theme song is heart warming, but he needs to deal with family business now. He says Garret pushed him to the point of asking Sting to book a tag team match featuring Gunner and Garret. Eric says he wants to thank Flair for warning his son, because he tried to protect him by telling him about the consequences of showing up. Garret is shown watching them backstage, and Eric says no one would want to be Garret's partner, but Gunner should have no problems. He says everyone wants to team with Gunner, then Kurt Angle comes out to the ring and Eric says he can't believe it. Kurt says he is happy to face Eric's disrespectful son because he doesn't like Garret, and it is all because he doesn't respect his father. Kurt says he respected his father and became a gold medalist, and he is going to make Garret tap out, because it's real, it's damn real.

Sting is shown putting on his makeup and talking to himself about Victory Road when Eric Young walks in and wonders what Sting is doing. EY says he has a question and wants to know if Sting is his best man, because he loves ODB and he wants to give her a surprise in the ring. Sting says she loves the jewelry and gold, and she would love a shot at the tag titles, then EY says they should find her a partner, but Sting says EY will team with her. He slaps some paint on EY and calls him a warrior, then he looks back in a mirror and says he might have been distracted, but he is coming for Bobby Roode.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship

Eric Young & ODB vs Madison Rayne & Gail Kim

ODB blocks a kick by Gail and whips her into the corner and splashes her, then she hits a Bronco Buster but Gail gets up and throws an elbow shot. ODB drops her with a bodyslam but Gail gets up and takes her down, then Madison gets in and hits her before setting her on the top turnbuckle. She climbs the turnbuckles but ODB headbutts her and knocks her down, then Gail snaps ODB's neck on the ropes while the ref is distracted. Madison gets a near fall then runs the ropes but ODB spears her and gets the tag, then EY locks up with the ref and places Gail on the top rope. Madison tries to break it up but EY airplane spins them both, then ODB hits a double clothesline and EY takes off his shorts. Madison runs in and hits EY with a title, but he falls on top of Gail and gets the pin, then he proposes after the match and ODB accepts.

Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions – Eric Young and ODB