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Crossfire Live! Delivers to All Fans

Nashville’s own Crossfire brought in some of the top talent in the wrestling business on Saturday night.

The ever flamboyant Aaron Camaro started off the event with welcoming everyone to the show, his style made sure that the event started off with a bang.

Bringing out with first match, LT Falk picked up another victory with a win over debuting Chad Williams in this back and forth match gave the fans a really good pre-match show and set a great pace for the rest of the night.

Starting off the official show, Crossfire audiences saw the debut Ring of Honor’s Mike Bennett against Caleb Konley. The clashes of styles made into an amazing debut and win for Bennett and showed the fans a new side of Konley.

The tag team grudge match was up next. Chase Stevens and Cassidy Riley reunited once more as the Hot Shots to take on The Diamonds in the Rough’s David Young and Sigmon. These men have been fighting off each other for the last couple of Crossfire shows and have brought their own fire back into the tag team division. Even though Sigmon and David Young walked away with the victory, it would be clouded with controversy. The Hot Shots demanded a return match against the Diamonds in the Rough.

WSMV’s Kacy Hagerty and Crossfire Creative Director Maria Kanellis brought out the ladies of Crossfire. Havoc made her second appearance she was ready for the challenge against the debuting Angeldust. Havoc and her strong style took on Angeldust’s high flying speed, but it would be Havoc taking the victory and would start to attack Angeldust. Kanellis would reprimand Havoc and even threaten suspension. But Havoc would continue with her attack on Angeldust. Will Havoc be at the May show?

Shane Douglas would come out to address the fans of Crossfire. Douglas would start out making comparisons on different companies who would start in Nashville and move on and forget the town. Douglas would tell the fans that no matter what the future brings, Crossfire would be Nashville’s own Crossfire Entertainment and continue to bring the best in wrestling to the fans and to bring more support and grant more wishes for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. With the chanting of “Crossfire!” coming out of the lips of the crowd, it would be Arrick “The Dragon” Andrews that would come out to address the wrestling legend. Andrews, who would come inside the ring, would not only question Douglas, but it would be the legend who would have to face the challenge of Andrews. Will Shane Douglas lace up the boots once more to face off against Arrick Andrews?

“King” Shane Williams vs. U-Gene would be up in the hopper. Williams, who has been taking on all comers for Crossfire, would face off on one of wrestling’s favorites in U-Gene. This pair would give the fans a taste of old-school wrestling with a new age twist. This match was another jewel in Williams’ record with the victory over the ever talented U-Gene.

The no-disqualification match between Hammerjack and Sinn Bodhi. The ever controversial Sinn Bodhi was in the match tonight for only one purpose: punish Hammerjack! These two men would make the no-disqualification stipulation fall on it’s ear. Both men fought all over the ring and made the night of the hardcore fans of the night. With the victory going to Hammerjack, it would be a night of revelations for Hammerjack when he would find out who was sending all of the hardcore legends to take him out: Maniac Marc Anthony! Will Anthony finally face off against Hammerjack or will he send another mercenary to take him out?

The Best of Series would start to boil between Kid Kash and Jerry Lynn. Kash, who would announce Lynn’s plans for retirement at the end of the year, wanted to end Lynn’s career last night. This pair have showed some of the best matches that Nashville has ever seen and last night was no exception. With the decision going to Jerry Lynn by disqualification, it will be a 2 to 1 going into May.

In the semi-main, tag team turmoil stemming from the past, started to rekindle itself last night when PG-13 faced off against Brian Christopher and his “mystery” partner. While Wolfie-D and Jamie Dundee would take the early upper-hand early on attacking Christopher. However, Christopher would scream that he would have protection against PG-13. Then enter WWE legend and future WWE Hall of Fame member Ron Simmons. Simmons would be the turning factor for Christopher to give the team the victory! The after celebration of the match would give the “Hall of Fame” chants new breathing for Ron Simmons and Nashville’s Crossfire fans gave him a warm welcome to any legend.

Next up, Jelly Roll would show that Nashville isn’t just the country music capital, but that rap would be taking over with his new style and infinite possibilities for the future! Not only would he give one of the best rap performances seen in this town, but stood up to none other than Fit Finlay!

While Finlay would start to be preoccupied with Nashville’s hottest talent in Jelly Roll, he would soon be completely focused on the main event against Chavo Guerrero, Jr. This match was nothing short of a true clinic and showed one of the most memorable matches that Crossfire Entertainment has ever put on. Finlay and Guerrero both showed the fans what Crossfire Entertainment is all about: strength, power, perseverance and a want to bring the best to the best. With Chavo picking up the victory, it would be a night to remember for all the fans.

Nashville’s own Crossfire Entertainment will be returning to the Tennessee State Fairgrounds on Saturday, May 19, 2012! Already announced for that night include to Crossfire debut of former WWE/TNA superstar Matt Hardy, Reby Sky, and much more!

Tickets will be going on sale in the next few days online at Make sure to get your tickets soon cause they will sell out fast!

Quick results:

Crossfire Entertainment, Tennessee State Fairgrounds, Sports Arena: LT Falk def. Chad Williams…Mike Bennett def. Caleb Konley…Diamonds in the Rough…Cassidy Riley/Chase Stevens…Jessicka Havoc def. Angeldust…”King” Shane Williams def. U-Gene…Hammerjack def. Sinn Bodhi…Jerry Lynn def. Kid Kash via do…Brian Christopher/Ron Simmons def. PG-13…Chavo Guerrero, Jr. def. Fit Finlay (3-17-12).