WWE RAW Results (3/19) – Team Johnny Adds Two Members, The Rock Sends Cena A Message, “End Of An Era” Face Off


WWE RAW Results

By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

March 19th 2012

CM Punk starts the show by saying Chris Jericho isn't here tonight, and it shows what kind of man he is but it is also a gift. He says Jericho told everyone his father was an alcoholic, and it wasn't a big secret but it wasn't Jericho's place to tell anyone because it's not his story. Punk says he doesn't know anyone who hasn't been affected by alcoholism, so he doesn't want someone thinking Jericho was right. He says someone could get a crappy deal in life but they can rise above it and be great, and he doesn't have any demons in him but if he does, it's Jericho's problem now. Punk says he is proud of his father for being his disease, and he is proud of straight edge so that is why he has it tattooed on his body. He tells Jericho that his father overcame obstacles and Punk looks at Jericho like an obstacle, so he is going to run right through him and prove that he is the best in the world.

Jericho appears on the Titantron and says he didn't want to be there because he was wrong for what he said, and he tells Punk that this is just Chris talking, and it's not the Jericho character. He apologizes and says he will never talk about Punk's father again, but he never said anything about leaving his sister out of it. Punk asks what he is talking about and Jericho says he found out alot about him, and he says his sister has a drug problem, and Punk will end up like her. Jericho says Wrestlemania will ruin Punk and get him to embrace his demons, then Punk calls him a piece of shit and says that is exactly what he will beat out of him.

Big Show vs Kane

Cody Rhodes comes out to do commentary and plays another Big Show/Wrestlemania clip then shadow boxes with some boxing gloves while Show sends Kane into the corner. Show climbs the turnbuckle then Cody tries to interfere but Show shoves him away and turns back towards the ring. Kane grabs him on the turnbuckles and hits a top rope chokeslam to win the match, then Cody runs in and hits Show with Beautiful Disaster. Cody punches him a few times and handcuffs him to the bottom rope, then he beats the hell out of Show until referees come out and stop him and get him to leave. 

Winner – Kane