Lilian Garcia

Former WWE Tag Team in WWE ’13, Lillian’s SD! Flub Edited

When a fan recently asked Brian James, aka Road Dogg, via Twitter, if he would be involved in the upcoming “WWE ’13” video game, James responded with “Already did the voiceovers.”

Another fan then asked if Monty Sopp, aka Billy Gunn, was involved, and James answered with “he is!”

No word at this point as to whether or not the former New Age Outlaw tag team will be playable characters in the game, or if they simply lent their voices to the release.

Lilian’s SD! Flub Edited

Several fans in Australia, where tonight’s edition of WWE Smackdown has already aired, have sent in word that WWE has edited out the Lilian Garcia flub where she introduces Zack Ryder as Jack Swagger.

This is the third time in the last month that Lilian has botched an introduction on WWE TV. On the February 14th edition of Smackdown, she botched the intros of Jimmy and Jey Uso, and the following week she botched John Laurinaitis’ job title intro.