WWE Edits Tag Team Theme Music, New Chris Benoit Edits

Source: F4Wonline.com

Theme Music

WWE has removed an offensive line in the lyrics of The Prime Time Players entrance theme which talks about Parkinson's disease.

The entrance theme is called "Move (Get It In)" by Woo Child. The song contains the lyrics "Okay, I get it shaking like Parkinson's… I'm the one.. Break it down down til the party’s done."

Reportedly WWE has cut out the mention of Parkinson's from the song and was unable to be heard during Young and O'Neil's appearances on both Raw and Superstars episodes in the past week.

Chris Benoit Edits

Numerous mentions of Chris Benoit were removed from a Fit Finlay versus Psychosis match that occurred on the June 4, 1998 episode of WCW Thunder.

The match was featured in the latest episode of WWE's Vintage Collection and all mentions of Benoit from the commentators were removed. During the match, Finlay had Psychosis placed in a chinlock and was screaming, "Benoit, I'm coming for ya." During this time, Finlay was involved in an intense feud with Chris Benoit.

In addition to the audio being cut, Finlay's mouth was digitized so you couldn't lip read what he said.