WWE Partnering With Shazam, New Talent Signing Confirmed

WWE RawWWE Partnering With Shazam

WWE has issued a press release noting that it has partnered with the music tagging social media company Shazam.

Beginning on Monday for Raw 1,000, fans can use the Shazam app to tag WWE music, which will then bring up the option for fans to purchase the music in addition to tickets, entrance themes, videos and merchandise.

New Talent Signing Confirmed

Former WCW star The Stro has confirmed a new WWE FCW signing by posting the following on Facebook:

Congratulations to one of my finest students K.c. McKnight for signing a WWE contract recently. Very proud of him. He has worked hard in the US and Japan. So much heart and dedication to the business. It is his time now to show that and much more to the world. Show them what you’re made of brother! You deserve the best! God bless you always.