A.W.’s Kobe Bryant Comment Subject Of ESPN Show

Prime Time Players manager A.W. has been making headlines for his "inappropriate" comments regarding Kobe Bryant and his 2003 sexual assault allegations in Colorado. ESPN analyst and Miami Herald columnist Isreal Gutierrez was a featured panelist on today's episode of ESPN's Around The Horn, and Gutierrez used his "facetime" (for winning the day's show) to talk about his feelings regarding AW's comments. A transcript of his comments are shown below, and you can hear the archived podcast episode at this link.

“I don’t know many people saw this, or they’ve heard of it yet, but there’s a WWE manager who made a reference to Kobe Bryant, saying his wrestler was like Kobe Bryant in a Colorado hotel room; he’s unstoppable. I have a huge problem with this, this is a scripted sport, and that’s what you come up with? A line that’s inappropriate for everybody involved? And not only that, Kobe is sitting there, representing our country, he’s gotten over his incident; he’s gotten over the entire controversy. His image has recovered, and now you are trying to drag him down in the mud? That’s boo… that’s terrible for WWE.”