WWE Raw House Show Results (8/5): Dothan, Alabama

John CenaThanks to Daniel for sending in the following:

I just got back from the show and thought I'd share the results.  The auditorium was packed and there were more green Cena shirts than I can count.  Here are the matches:

-Brodus Clay def. Heath Slater

Slater actually got in some offense, but Clay finished the match in his usual manner.

-Tag Team Title Match:  Kofi Kingston and R-Truth def. the Prime Time Players

Initially, PTP won when AW pushed Kofi's leg off of the rope after a Darren Young gut check.  AJ came out and restarted the match.  Kofi and R-Truth hit their finishers simultaneously for the win.

-Diva's Title Match:  Layla def. Alicia Fox

Two chicks rolled around until one hit a neckbreaker.

-Alex Riley def. Dean Ambrose

Ambrose receive no reaction whatsoever from the crowd.  After some back and forth, Riley hit his finisher for the win.

-WWE Championship Match:  CM Punk def. Daniel Bryan in a Street Fight.

This was a pretty good match.  The guys hit their normal spots and took turns on each other with a kendo stick and a steel chair.  Punk won with the GTS.

-US Championship Match:  Santino Marella def.  Jack Swagger

This match had a few botches, most notably a phantom arm drag by Santino.  After a few comedy bits, Santino hit the cobra for the win.

-Chris Jericho and Zack Ryder def. Dolph Ziggler and the Miz.

By far, the match of the night.  Jericho and Ziggler did most of the work here.  Jericho hit codebreakers on Ziggler and Ryder for the win.

-John Cena def. Big Show in a Steel Cage Match

Nothing we haven't seen before.  Cena wins with an AA.

Biggest Pops:

1)  Cena

2)  Punk

3)  Jericho

Biggest Heat:

1)  Daniel Bryan

2)  PTP-mostly AW

3)  Swagger

The crowd was split on Ziggler, the Miz, and Big Show.