WWE Responds to MOM’s Linda Protest, WWE Dropping Funkasauras Gimmick?

Linda McMahonWWE Responds to MOM's Linda Protest

In response to Moms Against McMahon's latest protest of Linda McMahon's senate campaign, WWE has issued the following response:

"All WWE broadcast programming is TV-PG, rated not by us, but by the standards and practices departments of our TV network distributors, while the majority of today’s prime time programming is rated TV-14. Five million women watch WWE’s weekly TV programming, representing nearly 40 percent of our TV audience. Women would not be watching if they found our programming objectionable."

WWE Dropping Funkasauras Gimmick?

According to F4WOnline.com, there has been talk of dropping Brodus Clay's dancing "Funkasauras" gimmick and giving Clay more of an edge. Clay is set to appear in the upcoming WWE Studios produced film "No One Lives."