WWE Diva AJ Lee Talks About Video Games, Her Wrestling Career in New ESPN Interview

AJESPN's Playbook has published a new interview featuring WWE Diva (and RAW General Manager) AJ Lee. Below are some excerpts from the article:

On her current favorite game:

“’Arkham City’ is one of my favorite games of all time,” the 25-year-old Diva/Geek Goddess/Raw General Manager tells me over the phone as we talk video games and wrestling. “I’m a huge Harley Quinn fan, which I’ve tried to make references to in the past, but the way they captured all of the characters is amazing, and the gameplay is insane. I thought ‘Arkham Asylum’ was really advanced, but with the new game, they just took everything to another level. It’s definitely one of the best games to come out in the past couple of years. Amazing.”

On comparisons to Miss Elizabeth:

"I think I have a long way to go. She is out of my league, but I appreciate the comparison. I think it’s the innocence people see in the two of us, and having something that’s more of an understatement. A woman who appears to be more of a gentle creature on TV. It’s amazing to me to be compared at all to her, or anyone in the past. I hope I can be someone people look at in the future and compare other people to me. It’s a big deal, and I appreciate it."

AJ also talks about her rise in popularity, winning the annual Superstar Challenge tournament, and more. You can read the entire article here.