Ricky Morton Talks About Working in Memphis, Birth of Rock N Roll Express In New Interview

Ricky Morton of the Rock N Roll Express joined Alan Wojcik and Spug of Kayfabe Wrestling Radio for an interview on their show this past Tuesday. Below are a few excerpts from the interview (Credit to PW.net for transcription):

On how the Rock N Roll Express come together as a team: "Well, I knew Robert real good; but in 1983, matter of fact this is our 30 year anniversary that Robert and I have been tag team partners, Jerry Lawler in Memphis, Tennessee put us together in 1983. We were, back then, were looking for a place. They had the Fabulous Ones in there and were looking for another tag-team, so he (Jerry) put Robert and I together and they came up with the “R N’ R Express”, the Rock N’ Roll Express, and that’s what we stuck with man."


Working for Jerry Lawler and Jerry Jarrett in Memphis and how he got into wrestling: "Oh, they were great, but you got to remember we were back in the time when Memphis was real hot, that was after when Jerry and Jeff Jarrett and all of them came up there. Working for Lawler, you got to understand, not only working with Lawler, you had Bill Dundee too, they were two great, great thinkers, booker wise, for business. You got have to understand, you had to keep this territory going, you had to have new ideas. If you were working on top and you didn’t sell Memphis and Louisville and Evansville out, they moved you down the figurative spot.

You can listen to the entire interview and the rest of the 'Kayfabe' show at the following link.