Former ECW Arena To Feature Wrestling Again?, More Top NXT Stars at WWE Live Events

WWE NXTFormer ECW Arena To Feature Wrestling Again? has posted a new article taking a look at the old ECW Arena, and it's possible return to a wrestling/boxing venue. The article notes the following:


"What is up with Joanna Pang's little-publicized leasing of W. Ritner Street's legendary Asylum Arena? Once known as the New Alhambra and the ECW Arena, the space was a haven for wrestling and boxing matches, the location shoot for Mickey Rourke's The Wrestler and the site of many a rockabilly/burlesque bash. Last winter, Pang announced plans to renovate the spot as an entirely boxing/wrestling-free zone and its walls have been stripped since April. After that, little was heard — until last week, when several wrestling and boxing pros mentioned the revival of Asylum. Is this wishful thinking on their part or is Pang rethinking her wrestling position?"

More Top NXT Stars at WWE Live Events

According to live reports, WWE NXT stars Kassius Ohno, aka Chris Hero, and Adrian Neville, aka PAC, were in attendance for WWE's live event on Sunday in Tallahassee, FL. We recently reported that top NXT star Leo Kruger worked a house show event, so the trend of NXT stars being called up for house show events seems to be continuing.