Glen Beck

WWE & Glenn Beck Controversy Sparks Major Media Coverage; WWE to Respond Monday on Raw

“You’re making a villain out of what? Probably 80 percent of your audience who’s tired as it is of being miscast?” said Beck on his radio show Friday night. WWE has offered to allow him time to air his issues in the ring, unedited and unprompted by their creative teams, but Beck turned them down stating, “I am currently booked doing anything else.”


Ironically, many are speculating that with Beck pushing so hard to have the angle between Jack Swagger and Alberto del Rio nixed, he may have inadvertently saved Swagger’s job following his DUI and arrest earlier this week, at least through WrestleMania. Recent reports also indicate that members of WWE management – namely Stephanie McMahon – are calling for a rewrite to this Monday’s Raw script, and are preparing to parody Glenn Beck on the show.