Exclusive: Detailed Backstage Account of What Lead to Charlie Haas’ Blow Up & Retirement During 3/30 ROH Show

As we reported yesterday, Charlie Haas legitimately quit Ring of Honor during an event this past Saturday night and was said to have delivered a drunken rant to the fans, specifically directing comments to several of the ROH staff including head booker Delirious and announcer Kevin Kelly.

WZ has learned, through several eyewitness sources in ROH, that the following took place during intermission of the event which lead to Charlie Haas' in-ring incident:

Charlie was legitimately drunk, got into an altercation with Grizzly Redwood, who reportedly started it, and the altercation resulted in Charlie hitting Grizzly in the locker room. Delirious then screamed at Charlie for getting physical with Grizzly.

This all took place right before intermission and Haas was scheduled first after intermission. ROH officials were reportedly asked to try and talk Charlie out of going out to the ring, as the belief was he was in no shape to compete. Haas refused, and apparently told the locker room he was quitting anyway. Haas then went out to the ring, got on the mic, said this was his last match, had what was described as a "stinker" of a bout with a local wrestler, then spoke more to the crowd after the match, but not on the mic as he was cut off by ROH.

After Charlie left the ring, he was visibly was crying and spoke about his dead brother and all his dead friends.

In addition to the above, WZ was told by several people in ROH that few in the company will miss Haas. There are a lot of guys on the roster who feel he isn't as good as he thinks he is, and he portrayed himself in ROH as a star in WWE when he was barely on TV. Haas reportedly rubbed a lot of people in ROH the wrong way, especially those who he thought he was above, like guys on the ring crew, etc.