4/20 WWE Saturday Morning Slam Results – Kofi Kingston Teases New Tag Team

WWE Saturday Morning Slam

April 20, 2013

-Mick Foley kicks off the episode in his office with Kofi Kingston and Justin Gabriel. The WWE Hall of Famer says he has a big idea for tonight's show – Kofi suggests that he and Gabriel form a new tag team. Foley likes the idea, but says that tonight they're going to face off one-on-one instead, but might be a tag team in the future. 

Kofi Kingston vs. Justin Gabriel 

Kofi wins the match with an S.O.S. becaues the Trouble in Paradise – and shots to the head in general – are frowned upon in Saturday Morning Slam. Josh Matthews and Dolph Ziggler did commentary. Kingston and Gabriel shake hands after the match. 

-Epico and Primo are joined by Rosa Mendes, and complain to Natalya about being disrespected and misused against shameful opponents like the Great Khali. Natalya challenges them to a 6-man mixed tag team match for next week's show. 

-Great Khali is featured in this week's Saturday Morning Spotlight