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Exclusive: Backstage Reaction to Davey Richards Leaving ROH, Why Was He Not Booked For Final Battle?, Is Edwards Gone As Well?

WZ was told, “Davey Richards lied about quitting wrestling a million times. He’s burned bridges in Japan because he’s a liar. He lied to New Japan about being in a car wreck. He lied to [Pro Wrestling] Noah about a neck injury.”

We were also told Richards didn’t do himself any favors when he recently gave an interview for the UK publication Total Wrestling, during which he bad mouthed the company, and subsequently had to retract his comments soon after.

Of the retraction, another source noted, “it’s the only time he was honest. He really thinks badly of ROH, never wanted to lose to Steen and none of the boys like him. His locker room speech [his apology for the negative interview comments] was a joke because he said he doesn’t lie, but that was a lie.”

We were told ROH tried to protect Richards and not reveal anything about the real reason why he was unbooked from Final Battle, but the interview during which he buried ROH was said to have been the motivating factor.

With regards to Eddie Edwards, we were told he is also finished with Ring of Honor, and while the locker room is happy to see Davey Richards gone, most ROH employees will miss not having Edwards in the company as he was generally well liked.

It’s worth noting that it’s always possible Edwards could return to ROH should WWE decide to pass on him, whereas Richards did say he was gone “for good” when he mentioned parting ways with the company.