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Breaking News: CM Punk Tells Vince McMahon He’s “Going Home”; Removed From Future Programming & Live Events

wwe tribute to the troops​Bryan Alvarez of received the following information, which he shared with listeners live on the "Bryan & Vinny Show" earlier today: 

"There may be a big change in that the WrestleMania match may be being changed to Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan, as opposed to Triple H vs. CM Punk. Which is why Bryan was written into a promo on Monday that happened to be a promo with Triple H … and there has been absolutely zero mention with CM Punk and Kane, their feud, or anything having to do with it. Bryan may be getting Punk's match." 

The website is now reporting that WWE Superstar CM Punk told Vince McMahon personally that he was going home, and then got on a plane for Chicago. has since removed Punk from all upcoming live events and house shows over the next few weeks including Monday Night Raw. At this time he is still being advertised for the Elimination Chamber PPV on February 23rd in Minneapolis, MN but it remains to be seen how long Punk will be gone. 

This seems to fly in the face of other recent reports from the Observer that have stated that WWE had no plans of changing Daniel Bryan's WrestleMania match after a hostile Royal Rumble crowd, but plans are constantly changing in the company and anything is possible at this point, it would seem. CM Punk tweeted the following message on Monday morning: 

Also keep in the back of your mind that with The Authority being both a real life managerial structure and an on-screen faction, it wouldn't be too crazy to assume that WWE wants this information getting out, so they can use Punk's absence in a future storyline.