Paige’s Behavior in New Orleans During WrestleMania Week, Sadler Working With Jarrett’s GFW Promotion

Paige in New Orleans is reporting that Paige was one of the few NXT stars not partying on Bourbon Street during WrestleMania XXX week.

Many of the NXT talents, including Paige, were spotted hanging out at bars, and even took some pictures with fans, but Paige was keeping her distance and knew how to behave in public.

Paige turned 21 years old in August and there were concerns of bringing her up to the main roster because of her age. But WrestleMania weekend was said to be a very positive sign for her, as she kept her distance from the atmosphere down in New Orleans and acted appropriately. 

Sadler with Jarrett and GFW

Race car driver Hermie Sadler has teamed up with Jeff and Karen Jarrett's new promotion Global Force Wrestling.

Sadler has come out and said that he is will have the GFW logos on his car during the Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown on April 24th.