LISTEN NOW: The Lapsed Fan Podcast Episode 4 Part 2; Survivor Series ’92, Mr. Perfect’s Face Turn, Coffin Match & More!

the lapsed fan​This week on the Lapsed Fan, the crew delves into a show at a crucial transition point for the WWF, the 1992 Survivor Series. The event was headlined by the first televised meeting between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels for the WWF championship, a bout that signaled a sharp departure for the overly-muscled bodies that had populated the top of WWF cards for years.

Hosts Jack Encarnacao and JP Sarro assess the '92 edition of the Thanksgiving Eve tradition as only they can, discussing among other things:

– The obsessive allusions to turkey, cranberry sauce, and other fall harvest trappings

– The brilliance of Mr. Perfect's baby face turn after Bobby Heenan slaps him in a classic angle, and the heated tag team match that resulted with Randy Savage, Razor Ramon, and Ric Flair

– What WWF tag team Heenan wouldn't hesitate to invite to Thanksgiving dinner

– The Coffin Match that preceded the Undertaker's signature Casket Match

– Nailz, a befuddling criminal back story, and the failings of Jack Tunney

That and so much more on the Lapsed Fan review of the 1992 Survivor Series, only st Will you survive?

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