Are Rosebuds Paid Extra For Appearing on TV?, Another Likely NXT Gimmick Change, Rollins on 30 Seconds of Fury


Are Rosebuds Paid Extra For Appearing on TV?

It's being said Adam Rose's recent Rosebuds, who were NXT stars traveling from Orlando, traveled via a bus rented by WWE.

The talents playing the Rosebuds were not paid any extra money besides their normal NXT salaries to appear as Rosebuds, however WWE did cover their travel costs.

As we noted before, one of the ways WWE is trimming its budget is by only using NXT talents as Rosebuds on TV if they are within driving distance from Orlando.

Another Likely NXT Gimmick Change

WWE NXT star Solomon Crowe will likely be repackaged once again before making his debut on the WWE main roster.

Crowe underwent a gimmick change several months ago and briefly worked a hacker gimmick, but that has since been dropped.

Latest 30 Seconds of Fury

The following video is the latest 30 Seconds of Fury, featuring Seth Rollins: