Did WWE Snub The Rock & Batista This Summer?, Adam Rose & Eden Host WWE Inbox, New Clip from “Leprechaun”

Did WWE Snub The Rock and Batista?

It’s worth noting that both “Hercules” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” were big hits this summer, and neither of them were mentioned at all by WWE on TV. “Guardians,” starring Batista, is already the third top grossing film of the summer, behind “Transformers: Age of Extinction” and “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.” Furthermore, “Guardians” shattered the record for biggest movie opening in August, taking in $94.3 million in its opening weekend compared to the previous record holder, “The Bourne Ultimatum,” which opened to $69.3 in 2007.

While “Hercules” did not perform as well at the box office as some might have hoped, as of this past weekend it has brought in a worldwide gross of $138.1 million, which is considered a success as the movie’s budget was $100 million.

Considering the above information, and that The Rock and Batista are still partially active in WWE, it’s very interesting that WWE has made no mention of either film, or their respective stars, on WWE TV.

Adam Rose & Eden Host SSlam Themed WWE Inbox

The following is a SummerSlam themed edition of WWE Inbox, hosted by Adam Rose and Eden:

New Clip from “Leprechaun”

The following is a new clip from the upcoming “Leprechaun: Origins” movie, produced by WWE Studios, and starring Hornswoggle:

Leprechaun: Origins – Exclusive Clip by dreadcentral