Another Special Feat. Roddy Piper Set for SD! Week, Wyatts on 30 Seconds of Fury, Itami Update

Itami Update

Hideo Itami worked his first NXT live events this weekend, in matches against Tye Dillinger. Itami won all his bouts, and his offense was tailored to showcase his Japanese wrestling skills.

Another Special Feat. Roddy Piper Set for SD! Week

Following this week’s live WWE Main Event broadcast on the Network, WWE will be airing the very first episode of Smackdown on the Network. Immediately following that, at 10:30pm EST, WWE will be airing a 30 minute special on the April 9th, 2003 edition of Smackdown, which featured the return of Piper’s Pit in over 14 years. The description is as follows:

“Rowdy Roddy Piper brings back ‘Piper’s Pit’ after 14 long years with Mr. McMahon as the featured guest.”

Wyatts on 30 Seconds of Fury

The following is the latest edition of 30 Seconds of Fury, featuring Luke Harper & Erick Rowan: