Rumor: Divas Champion AJ Lee Finished w/ WWE After Survivor Series?

aj leeA rumor has been going around, recently addressed by Bryan Alvarez of, that AJ Lee may be wrapping up her career in WWE. According to said rumor, which apparently stems from a legitimate backstage discussion, if AJ drops the Divas Championship to Nikki Bella at the upcoming Survivor Series PPV, it will be a strong indication that she is done. 

That being said, this is the third time the “AJ Lee leaving WWE” rumor has started in 2014 alone. Two months ago, AJ was supposed to drop the title to Paige as a means to end their program and wrap up her time in the company. Obviously that didn’t happen, and Alvarez himself was one of the people who shot the reports down.

When AJ took time off earlier this year, multiple sources stated with “certainty” that she was not expected to come back at all; the pregnancy rumors also started around that time as well. Time will tell, but when it comes to any sort of rumors regarding a future release – and especially one concerning a current champion – it’s best to err on the side of skepticism. 

KILLAM: As Divas Champion, Lee is expected to be at all the WWE Live events and attend all the international tours. Considering that she got married earlier this year (to former WWE Champion CM Punk), if she drops the title it could simply be a means to slow down a little and spend a few more days at home with her new husband. And that’s IF the new round of rumors has any backing at all. Even if she drops the title on Sunday, a creative decision in a scripted environment is hardly an indication of the future of someone’s career.