Kurt Angle Talks TNA Contract Details & Retirement, Says He’s Had a Better TNA Career Than WWE, Former WWE NXT Talent Defends DeMott

Former WWE NXT Talent Defends Bill DeMott

kurt angleFormer WWE developmental talent Jody Kristofferson, who worked in NXT as Garrett Dylan, recently appeared on The Roman Show and had the following to say about Bill DeMott, who Kristofferson believes should not have stepped down from WWE:

“I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this,” Kristofferson said. “There are a lot of mixed feelings. He could be a hard ass. He was a hard trainer, but he was getting paid to be a hard trainer. It’s like when you go to the military they are not training you to be your friend they are training you to go to war. Was Bill rough at times? Yeah. But I learned form Bill. There were times were we butted heads. But he made me a better wrestler.

I don’t believe he deserved to get fired or I know he didn’t get fired he stepped down. He was good at what he did.”

You can check out the entire interview at this link.

Kurt Angle Talks TNA Contract Details, Retirement & Possibly Returning to WWE

Kurt Angle was the guest on this week’s MMA Hour, hosted by Ariel Helwani, and the following are a few highlights from his appearance. You can watch the full interview below:

Angle revealed his contract with TNA is for 40 dates over the course of one year. On sticking with TNA, Angle had the following to say:

“They gave me everything I wanted and more, and that’s why I stayed. They were very loyal. I can’t do enough to repay them. The old man can still go, but not as many nights per year.”

On how much longer he plans to wrestle and possibly returning to WWE, Angle had the following to say:

“If I do go one more year, I’ll hang it up. Where I am now, I’m happy going out the way I’m doing it. I’ve had a great career in WWE and TNA. I can honestly say I’ve had a better career in TNA. If I decide to go to WWE next year, that will be my last year, but I’m happy where I’m at.”