Daniel Bryan Injury Update; What Is Keeping Him Sidelined, How Long WWE Has Known & How Serious The Injury Is

daniel bryanDave Meltzer wrote in the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter that Daniel Bryan’s ongoing injury issue is concussion related and could be career ending.

It is being reported that the problems stemmed from his match with Sheamus on the episode of WWE Smackdown before WrestleMania 31. Apparently a number of people have known Bryan’s issues since he was sent home from the WWE European tour eventhough the company had denied the reason. WWE was likely to keep things quiet (according to the report) because Bryan was working matches on the shows and didn’t want any backlash because of other ongoing lawsuits by former wrestlers.

The overall belief is that people were quiet about it initially, but now that Bret Hart made comments about Bryan’s injuries and ‘gave it away’ in an interview it’s open for discussion. Hart compared Bryan’s injury to his own during a match with Bill Goldberg; he also said Bryan’s situation is like Dynamite Kid’s where they pushed themselves and didn’t want to admit injuries were catching up to them. Hart spoke with Sports Illustrated and said, 

“Daniel Bryan is finished. He’ll never wrestle again. I don’t think he knows it yet. I feel terrible about Daniel Bryan. For all intents and purposes, he had the exact same thing happen to him that happened to me after Bill Goldberg kicked me in the head. One day, you learn it’s over. Doctors tell you that you can’t wrestle and you’ll never wrestle again. I lost millions of dollars because of that. I pray that it’s not the same for Daniel Bryan.”