WWE Battleground Twitter Ratings, Bray Wyatt Says the “Family is Back”, New Day Stays Positive Despite PPV Loss (Videos)

WWE Battleground Twitter Ratings

According to Nielsen Media’s Twitter ratings data, last night’s WWE Battleground PPV finished with a unique audience of 1.980 million, which represents the number of Twitter accounts that commented on the show.

This number is up from the 1.783 million unique audience figure for WWE’s Money in the Bank PPV.

In terms of total impressions, which is the total number of times the show was Tweeted about, Battleground finished with 18.563 million, also up from Money in the Bank’s 15.774 million total impressions.

WWE Battleground Videos

Below are two more WWE Battleground Fallout videos, featuring Bray Wyatt revealing the “Family is back”, and New Day staying positive following their loss to The Prime Time Players: