TNA Impact Wrestling Results (7/29) – Hardy Names His Stipulation, Jeff Jarrett Enters TNA HOF!

Chris Melendez and Kurt Angle come to the ring and Sarge says he’s lost to Eric Young a few times, but he’s getting better and learning all the time. He calls Eric out, and Eric says he doesn’t want any part of this, but Sarge says he will kick his ass and Eric agrees to a match.

Chris Melendez (w/ Kurt Angle) vs Eric Young 

Eric takes Sarge down and stomps him in the corner, then he hits Sarge on the apron and connects with a piledriver for the win. 

Winner – Eric Young 

TNA Knockouts Championship

Marti Bell vs Brooke (c)

Brooke jumps the Dollhouse at the bell and whips them into each other, then she hits a clothesline and goes after Taryn in the ring. Taryn tries to get away but Brooke grabs her legs, then Marti hits her from behind and the ref finally rings the bell. Marti beats Brooke down in the corner and tries to keep her down, and gets some help from the Dollhouse. Brooke tries to make a comeback but she gets knocked down, then the lights go out and Gail Kim’s music cues up. She doesn’t appear, but Brooke uses the distraction to hit a Butterface Maker for the win.

Winner – Brooke