TNA Impact Wrestling Results (7/29) – Hardy Names His Stipulation, Jeff Jarrett Enters TNA HOF!

After a video package for Jeff Jarrett airs, Dixie Carter comes to the ring and talks about how she met Jeff many years ago. She says none of them would be there without him, and everyone ever associated with this company feels the same. 2015 TNA Hall of Fame inductee Jeff Jarrett and his wife Karen come to the ring, and Dixie and Mike Tenay welcome him into the ring.

Jeff says he will make a few blanket statements, but if you ever supported TNA Wrestling in any way, thank you. He also says is anyone has ever worked for TNA, he thanks them for all of their hard work over the years. Jeff names several names and gets choked up, thanking people from TNA, Ring Ka King and other projects, saying it takes work and thankless hours and he couldn’t do it without them.

Jeff turns to Mike Tenay and thanks him for ‘keeping the train on the tracks”, then thanks Don West, and some TNA originals, like the Knockouts and X Division, then brings up great tag teams like America’s Most Wanted, Triple X, Motor City Machine Guns, Beer Money and Team 3D. Jeff brings up a few other stars to come over, then turns to Dixie and thanks her for allowing this all to happen. Jeff brings up a falling out between him and his father, Jerry, about the wrestling business, but says they reconciled. He brings up his kids for being there and then thanks Karen for being his ‘rock’ and thanks the crowd for having him there. 

Really nice moment. I was a bit worried how this would come off in the ring for some reason, but the fans were respectful and it was emotional for everyone in the ring. Jeff spoke from the heart, and it was a nice way to end the show. Overall, the matches, like it’s been expected, have been very good. The Eric Young vs Chris Melendez match was short, not without reason, and I can’t find many complaints. It was mostly a bridge to next week, but it wasn’t a bad show and mostly a good effort. 

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