Former WCW Star Defends Dana White “Fake” Comments, Miz Asserts His Value, Stardust Searches For A Hero On WWE RAW Fallout (VIDEOS)

Dana WhiteWCW Star Defends Dana White

Former WCW star Disco Inferno, real name Glenn Gilbertti, recently addressed the “controversial” comments made by UFC President Dana White over the weekend. White said professional wrestling was fake after a fan got into an argument with him over PPV prices.

Several wrestlers and fans took exception to White’s comments, but Gilbertti defended White in a way, saying pro wrestling could benefit from more cues from ‘real’ fighting: 

Pro wrestlers need to stop fighting with @danawhite. If the matches looked more realistic, then people wouldn’t treat it condescendingly… The fact that @BrockLesnar doesn’t cripple everyone he wrestles in WWE with his bare hands makes @danawhite‘s argument for him. 

WWE RAW Fallout

The following videos are the latest episodes of WWE RAW Fallout, featuring The Miz nominating himself as most valuable host after Miz TV with Kevin Owens and Cesaro, and Stardust searching for his new hero.