TNA Impact Wrestling Results for 8/12/15 – First Ever King of the Mountain Match on Impact!, The Wolves vs. Trevor Lee & Brian Meyers, Main Event set for Turning Point!

We return from commercial to see Jeff Jarrett giving a pep talk to his GFW wrestlers and the idea of respect is debated between Josh Matthews and The Pope.

Awesome Kong vs. Lei’D Tapa

The two imposing women circle each other and lock-up.  Neither budge.  They trade shoulder blocks.  Neither budge again.  The niece of the Barbarian, Tapa, is the first to dizzy Kong with a straight punch to the face.  Kong gains control of the match as it moves along, getting the first two-count.  A short-arm forearm and a big boot brings Awesome Kong to the mat.  Kong recovers and clocks Tapa with a set of clotheslines before hitting a painful looking splash for a close two-count.  Kong telegraphs a splash in the corner, then Tapa does the unthinkable and picks up Kong on her shoulders, dropping her with an impressive Samoan Drop for a very close two-count!  Miraculously, Kong recovers and is able to nail a Chokeslam on here now much more formidable opponent (compared to her TNA Gut Check days).  The bout spills outside and Tapa gets the advantage.  The two lady behemoths brawl up the rampway, which results in a Double Count Out for the match.  This feud is FAR from over, no doubt about it!

Winner – No Contest

PJ Black (formerly Justin Gabriel) is seen relaxing backstage, putting over his daredevil gimmick that WWE apparently never got behind.