TNA Impact Wrestling Results for 8/12/15 – First Ever King of the Mountain Match on Impact!, The Wolves vs. Trevor Lee & Brian Meyers, Main Event set for Turning Point!

 Drew Galloway is caught backstage as he guarantees he will be ‘getting the job done’ for TNA because he believes (pay) him.

Bobby Roode is in the ring now with a microphone in his hand, doing what he is best at: complaining.  He campaigns to be in the main event King of the Mountain match for the KOTM title.  Roode then moves along to Rockstar Spud, the man that ended his Dirty Heels tag team partner, Austin Aries’ TNA career the previous week’s episode.  Spud obliges and makes his way to the ring as Roode puts over the fact that he beat the great Austin Aries, but in a back-handed type statement.  Rockstar Spud refutes what Roode says, telling Roode that he is living his dream out regardless of what has happened or what will happen while comparing Bobby to a regular, run-of-the-mill schoolyard bully that he will stand up to and defeat.

Roode seems to agree as he repeats Spud’s recent accomplishments like his X-Division Title reign.  Bobby Roode then says that his aggression cannot be stopped and that Spud is the last person to stop him.  Spud surprisingly cheap shots Roode and gets pummeled in the middle of the ring and even chokes Spud with his own blazer for some extra humiliation.  He adds injury to insult with a Roode Bomb on Spud before unceremoniously dumping the Englishman outside and tossing him hard into the steel steps.  Roode mercilessly does not let up and forces the referees to separate them as the holds in a nasty looking Crossface!