TNA Impact Wrestling Results for 8/12/15 – First Ever King of the Mountain Match on Impact!, The Wolves vs. Trevor Lee & Brian Meyers, Main Event set for Turning Point!

 Jessie Godderz vs. Lashley

 We are told by The Pope and Josh Matthews that this bout has main event implications as the winner will be in the King of the Mountain match later in the show.  Lashley doesn’t take Godderz seriously before just manhandling him with an extended Military Press.  Godderz tries to gain control on the outside now, but fails miserably by getting his face smashed into the apron several times!  Back in the ring, Lashley continues to dominate with a shoulder block in the corner and a Stalling Suplex.  He misses a second shoulder block in the corner, chases Godderz around, and gets a flap jack across the top rope.  Godderz starts to get a taste of control with some wild stomping and an awkward looking waistlock.  Lashley is able to fight up and Gutwrench Mr. PEC-tacular for a big Powerbomb.  Lashley follows up with a German Suplex > Over-Head Belly-to-Belly.  Big shoulder block in the corner and what looks like a reverse Shock Treatment that leads into a surprising Powerslam from Jessie.  He plays to the crowd before going for a submission move of some sort, but Lashley uses his leg strength to kick free and land a HUGE Spear for the win!

Winner – Lashley

A flashback to the very solid Full Metal Mayhem main event TNA Title match between Matt Hardy and EC3 is shown before commercial.

Drew Galloway is seen laid out backstage, very similarly to Bully Ray from last week.  He is unresponsive when TNA Officials come to check on him.