TNA Impact Wrestling Results 8/19/15 – EC3 Defends TNA Title, Handicap Steel Cage Match, “Aunt Dee” sides with Jeff Jarrett!

Backstage, “Aunt Dee” sides with Jeff Jarrett and is forcing EC3 to defend his title tonight or be stripped.

Matt Hardy is seen backstage trying to challenge EC3 again.  Tyrus gets in his face and says if he has a problem with Ethan, he has a problem with Tyrus.  Matt says that he is a problem solver, so it’s time he fights Tyrus.

Drew Galloway vs. Eli Drake

Eli gets a short but sweet promo on Drew Galloway in before Drew makes his entrance.  Eli attacks Drew during his entrance, before he can even get his ring jacket off.  Galloway recovers and clotheslines Eli over the top.  Drake gets a bit of offense in when Drew whiffs a chair shot into the post and a fan-assisted jumping splash attempt from the barricade.  Big Body Slam from Eli for a two-count before he tosses Drew outside.  Eli remains on the apron and hits an awkward clothesline off of it, but he seemed to have hit Drew with his fist instead.  Drew returns from an Irish Whip in the ring with a clothesline and a few punches in the corner.  

The Scot gets crotch’ed in the ropes as he tries to return with chair in hand.  Drew is able to regain control of the match and calls for his Sick Kick-like finisher (eat your heart out Roderick Strong!) and goes to introduce a table into the match.  Baseball Slide by Eli into the table takes Drew right out.  Drake misses with a crutch to Drew, but not with a low blow!  This time the crutch connects with Drew’s spine.  The table is set up in the corner as Eli goes out and grabs another table to put up in the middle of the ring.  He goes to the top rope after laying Drew on the table, but gets a dropkick from Galloway for his troubles.  Drew then sets up for and NAILS an Air Raid Siren (better known as White Noise by Sheamus in WWE) through the table off the middle rope!  Galloway gets the win.

Winner – Drew Galloway   

Backstage, Velvet Sky catches Taryn Terell and threatens that Gail Kim is looking for and will eventually find her.  Josh Matthews eludes to Taryn being in a “house of horrors” instead of her normal “dollhouse”.  She even backs Taryn into Gail Kim herself, who handcuffs Taryn to something bolted to the floor and Velvet backs the cameraman out of view.

Eric Young comes down to the ring and he claims he should be in the Main Event tonight, “and everybody knows it!” He claims to be the most dangerous man in TNA and best wrestler in the world because he is responsible for what happened to Kurt Angle.  Chris Melendez interrupts the Crazy Canadian and asks for another rematch regardless of the fact that Eric Young has repeatedly defeated him.  

EY says he has nothing to prove to Melendez and tells him to leave, but soon changes his mind and says that Melendez actually does have something he wants.  He says that if Chris puts his leg on the line, EY will grant him the rematch.  A little skirmish ensues and Sarge comes out on top over TNA’s self-proclaimed “Big Game Hunter”, Eric Young.