WWE SummerSlam Match Result: Fatal Four Way Tag Team Title Match, New Champions Crowned

summerslamWWE Tag Team Championships

The New Day vs Los Matadores

vs Lucha Dragons vs Prime Time Players (c)

New Day throws Titus outside and tag each other, and try to pin one another as they would be the legal man. That quickly gets broken up and Kalisto splashes Woods, then E smacks him a few times before Kalisto ducks a clothesline. Kalisto goes for a near fall before he gets knocked out of the ring, then Young and Diego tag in and Diego splashes him on the ropes. Fernando tags in to get a near fall, then Titus tags in and cleans house before Torito goes for a dive on the outside.

Woods slams him down and taunts the crowd, then Diego hits him on the apron and E runs towards them. Diego sidesteps him and E spears Young into the barricade, then the Dragons and Diego fight on the turnbuckles, and Diego slips/gets pushed and falls onto the barricade. Fernando runs up and the Dragons try to double superplex him, but Titus runs in and powerbombs them in a Tower of Doom spot. Titus rolls through and hits Clash of the Titans, but E knocks him down from behind and Kofi at some point tags in and steals the pin to win the titles! 

Winners – The New Day