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TNA Impact Wrestling Results (9/9) – New Champions Crowned, TNA/GFW Lumberjack Match, Jeff Hardy Becomes A Personal Assistant

Second Match: Kenny King, Eli Drake and Jesse Godderz vs. Robbie E, Micah and Tigre Uno 

Micah and King start but a single butterfly suplex sends King off for a tag to Jesse, who is run over by Robbie. Tigre comes in for some headscissors on Drake before it’s back to Micah to start in on the arm. Micah is taken into the corner and some triple teaming has him in trouble. That only lasts a few seconds before a double clothesline allows the tag to Uno. Tigre grabs a tornado DDT on King before the BroMans are both tagged in. Everything breaks down and we hit the parade of secondary finishers, capped off by the Boom Drop by Robbie E to Jesse to pick up the victory. 

Winner: Robbie E, Micah and Tigre Uno in 07:06 

Third Match: TNA Knockout’s Championship Match: Brooke Tessmacher (c) vs. Gail Kim  

Brooke in a headlock as Kim has her tight. Taken into a hammerlock and Brooke with the headlock and takes Kim over. Brooke with the head and comes out as Kim has the hammerlock Brooke slips out and kicks the woman around. Brooke with the whip and misses the kick as Kim slips to the apron. Brooke manages a shoulder into Kim knocking her to the floor. She misses a slide and Kim rips her out as they exchange forearms and Brooke gets sent to the ringpost. Kim inside to follow and runs to miss the lairat and catches the crossbody but Brooke turns it into a rollup for a two count only. Flying forearm takes Kim down! X-Factor off the ropes but a two count only as Kim has her leg on the ropes. Kim manages a kneelift counter and Brooke comes on her in the corner but Kim throws her off and wraps a scissors, trying for the armbar.

Brooke is fighting but manages to pin Kim, two, Kim turns it into a pin on Brooke and gets two! Kim off the ropes, Brooke sits and rolls back to wrap the facelock and bridge! Submission move put in as the Champ wraps the head and gets taken over in a cradle! Two!! Kim kicks Brooke off and both run with flying crossbody blocks. Lei’D Tapa and Royal Red come down to the ring. Tapa has the Knockouts Title! In the ring Brooke is fighting Kim, pickup and front faceslam! Brooke sees Tapa and comes off the apron to smash into Tapa! Brooke kicking and beating into Lei’D Tapa! Brooke tells off Royal Red as Tapa smashes her with the title from behind! Lei’D Tapa enters the ring and raises the Knockouts Title but Kim attacks her! Series of forearm strikes but Tapa smashes her down! Yells into her face and TKO to Kim. Kong enters the ring and walking up to Tapa both stare down! Huge swinging punches! The behemoths collide! Awesome Kong hits a shoulderblock! Tapa hits a bodyslam! Kong slams Tapa! Backfist! Backfist! Spinning backfist and a clothesline clears the ring! Kong holds the title as Royal Red tries to talk Tapa back.

Winner: Still TNA Knockouts Champion Brooke Tessmacher by DQ in 06:07

Team GFW Backstage Segment: 

Scott D’Amore tries to fire up the guys. Jarrett ask Mordetzky if he’s ready take care of business in his lumberjack match Drew Galloway. Mordetzky says absolutely. Jarrett says that tonight he has a special surprise just in time for Team GFW. 

Ethan Carter III, Jeff Hardy and Drew Galloway Backstage Segment: 

Hardy appreciates Galloway passion and love for TNA and says that he’s getting sick tired of GFW and EC3. Hardy said that if he was able to compete he would be right there to help him out. EC3 comes out and says that Hardy priorities is being EC3 personal assistant and tells Hardy to go get EC3 dinner reservations. EC3 says tell Galloway good luck with losing his aunt’s company.