WWE SmackDown Results (9/17) – Sheamus/Rollins Joins Forces, Bellabration Gets Ruined, Cesaro Fights The Giant, Owens vs. Ziggler

Stardust & The Ascension Backstage Promo: 

Stardust talks about the fifth deminsion and his new partnership with The Ascension. Stardust & The Ascension tell Neville and The Lucha Dragons that Sunday at Night of Champions they will be introduced to the Cosmic Wasteland. 

Second Match: Kofi Kingston w/The New Day vs/ D-Von Dudley w/Bubba Ray Dudley 

Xavier says that tables are a terrible thing to waste. The Dudleyz disrespect men and woman, a woman who is close to them and dear to them and that’s mother nature. Kofi puts over Mother Nature for growing these beautiful trees, and in seconds, the Dudleyz destroy a lifetime of work. Big E says that you have to respect your momma. The New Day have a petition to save the tables. If the Dudleyz sign, they will have karma that will grow.

New Day says that the WWE Universe are the only people who can make the movement grow and should chant save the tables. Dudley Boyz storm into the ring. Kofi ask D-Von to sign the petition to join the Save The Tables Movement. D-Von breaks the pad. D-Von mauls Kofi. Big E grabs a table under the ring. Bubba knocks down Big E. D-Von lands a flapjack on Kofi. D-Von tosses Woods over the ring. Kofi comes from behind and rolls up D-Von for the victory. After the match The New Day grab the table and run to the back with it. 

Winner: Kofi Kingston in 01:18 

Team Bella Segment: 

Team Bella walks in the backstage area. Nikki is in a fancy black dress. Brie goes over the plans for tonight’s party. Nikki says that Brie did a great job. Nikki says that she’s a queen and ask Brie and Alicia if they got the DJ Covered, the seating arrangements, etc. Nikki mentions that since she’s now the longest reigning Diva’s Champion of all-time, she deserves the greatest Bellabration of them all and that she will see the girls later. 

The Miz & Big Show Backstage Segment: 

Big Show is walking towards the gorilla position as Miz comes up to Big Show with this black binder. Big Show tells Miz to get out of the way. Miz tells Big Show he needs to look at this and wishes him luck in his match tonight. The binder says confidential which ends up being a movie script and Big Show flings the binder away and continues on towards the ring.