AJ Styles Talks Possibly Joining WWE NXT, What Advice Do WWE Officials Give Indy Wrestlers Hoping For A Second Tryout?

AJ Styles Talks Possibly Joining WWE NXT

aj stylesOn the most recent edition of The Taz Show: Bodyslams & Beyond, New Japan and Ring of Honor star AJ Styles had the following to say regarding a possible debut in WWE NXT:

“At this point in my career, I’m going to go do what’s best for my family, and I want to do what is best to provide for them. So, the business that we are in, the business could be better somewhere else, then that’s where I’m going to go,  that’s what I’m going to do. So like I said, it’s a business plan. Wherever the plan takes me, that’s where I’ll go.”

Canyon Ceman

The reported advice WWE’s Senior Director of Talent Development Canyon Ceman is giving wrestlers looking for a second tryout is to become an indy star first. 

Ceman reportedly said wrestlers have a lower chance of getting in with a second tryout, but becoming a star on their own and having fan fare could help them. WWE’s views about selecting wrestlers have changed in recent times; usually they like to find bigger athletes they can train from scratch, but are now bringing in more independent talent with experience based on recent signings.