Exclusive: Forbes’ Alfred Konuwa Discusses Four Possible Winners In The WWE Championship Tournament (Audio Included)

Alfred KunowaEarlier today Forbes & Bleacher Report wrestling columnist Alfred Konuwa was featured as a guest on WrestleZone Daily. Alfred was back with the latest installment of his weekly segment for the Daily called What’s Best For Business? which airs every Tuesday on WrestleZone Daily. 

This week Alfred discusses who he views as the possible winners in the WWE Championship Tournament and which one winning is BEST FOR BUSINESS!

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You can listen to Alfred’s appearance starting at the 45:36 mark in the embedded audio player below. Some of his quotes have been transcribed below it:

On whether he thinks this tournament favors Roman Reigns to win:

AK: I don’t think it is. I have Roman Reigns winning this tournament. When I saw the tournament come out I’m looking at it and I’m just like, “Ok, well, he’s in the same draw to where there are potential match ups against Sheamus and Del Rio.” Who are relatively cold. People that Roman Reigns will be received well against. It’s just that, if you watched RAW last night Cesaro won. So now already in the second match we got Roman Reigns vs Cesaro in a match up. Cesaro is the darling of the message boards and internet. He’s like what Daniel Bryan is right now that Daniel Bryan is gone. Roman Reigns up against Cesaro it’s not going to do him any favors in terms of people who are going to get on his side. I don’t know if WWE is going to have him just run through this tournament but if they do beating Cesaro is not going to put him on the right side of the eight ball. 

On whether fans could credibly take Kevin Owens winning this tournament:

AK: They’ve actually done a good job of protecting Kevin Owens as of late. WWE, they just do these things where they book every body to be .500. It’s, “You win, I win.” It’s always even-stevens booking. Lately, Kevin Owens has been protected to where he’s actually gotten a little bit going. The way he seems like he’s getting ready for something. We’ve talked about this in the past where Kevin Owens is one of those few guys who lately has had his win/loss record protected. Now would be the time to just continue that and win the title. 

On whether it would be a huge surprise to fans to see Dean Ambrose win this tournament:

AK: It really would. I feel like it would be forced. Dean Ambrose has not really been put in to a position for people to think that he’s this main event guy. Yeah, the fans like him. There is a connection there. I feel like going in to this tournament it could do him wonders to just go on this win streak. I don’t think this is the spot for Dean Ambrose. I think it would be too much too soon to be honest. If anything, if we get that Roman Reigns heel turn, if it happens at Dean Ambrose’s expense that could be a thing to where now you have this hot heel and Ambrose is the babyface that’s going to be chasing him. I think that would be best case scenario. 

On whether poor creative decisions with Alberto Del Rio could be rectified by him winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship:

AK: It would be huge. WWE has tried ever since the departure of Rey Mysterio; they’ve been trying for awhile to find that next hispanic star. Del Rio could be that guy. I really wouldn’t be surprised if we got one of those crazy upset wins to where Del Rio goes all the way. I might be in the minority but I am still intrigued by the whole Del Rio storyline. Only because I don’t necessarily think they have to give us an explanation right now. I am hoping that eventually they get to the point to where we know what Zeb Colter’s ambitions are. Maybe that forces an Alberto Del Rio babyface turn. I don’t know, I just think they are going somewhere with this so I am going to give it the time. I could definitely see a scenario where Del Rio wins the tournament. 

You can listen to his appearance as well as the full archives for WrestleZone Daily in the embedded players below: