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The Latest Update On WWE Off The Top Rope Returning To ESPN, Is The Del Rio / Colter Alliance Completely Finished?

espn-2WWE Off The Top Rope

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter 

ESPN’s new wrestling recap segment WWE Off The Top Rope has not aired the past two weeks, but the show is planned to return, and not on hiatus.

ESPN anchor and former WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman said he was on assignment outside of ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut, but the show would return to it’s normal format. Coachman said this week he would be in Las Vegas covering UFC 194 starting today, and there is an unnamed WWE talent booked for SportsCenter next week on December 15th. 

Alberto Del Rio / Zeb Colter 

The Alberto Del Rio / Zeb Colter alliance was said to be a Vince McMahon backed idea, and looks to be over as of Monday, unless there’s a swerve at WWE TLC. Colter could cost Jack Swagger the match Sunday, but long-term plans are still for Alberto and Zeb to be done. The other scenario, is that Zeb is not at WWE TLC at all, which would indicate the alliance is finished this week.