Mauro Ranallo Comments On WWE Smackdown Role, Preview The Latest Shows Coming To WWE Network (Video)

Yahoo Sports recently reached out to Mauro Ranallo for comments on his new hiring as WWE Smackdown announcer, starting when the show moves to USA Network. 

Ranallo commented on the WWE hire by saying: 

“I have a very supportive family at Showtime and it’s unbelievable that WWE is allowing me to continue to call Showtime Championship Boxing as well as all of my other combat sports duties as it pertains to kickboxing and MMA. The boyhood dream has come true for me. The fact that I get to do all of my passions in one calendar year, I can’t believe it yet.”

Ranallo also commented on his detractors, and why it helped him be who he is as an announcer:

“People have called me a pro wrestling announcer and I think at times they weren’t intending to be compimentary in calling me that. But I’d always thank them for that because at the end of the day, I am a pro wrestling announcer in terms of my passion and enthusiasm and telling stories. I love to paint word pictures with the incredible warriors who step into the ring or the cage with boxing, kick boxing and even the New Japan [wrestling show] with Josh Barnett I did. … Everyone knows my quirky sense of humor, my shtick, and I can be a ham as a performer. WWE said they want me to be who I am with a little tweaking.”

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