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Chris Jericho Comments On What’s Missing In Wrestling, Eden Talks “Rocker Style” With Dolph Ziggler (Video)

During a recent interview on SiriusXM’s Conversations with Maria Menounos, Chris Jericho talked about WWE talent needing more creative freedom, and part of the problem is due to talent not speaking up about it. 

Jericho mentioned that WWE has become a different company since going public, and there are less risks being taken on air with talent. Jericho said new opportunities to try new things are growing smaller, and the shows have become too scripted like a TV show. Jericho said another part of the blame is with talent not stepping out and being real bad guys, and referenced his time tagging with Big Show as “Jeri-Show.” 

Jericho said Big Show wanted to make merchandise, but he said no to the idea and told Show:

“…we’ll make more money as heels against DX in main events on pay-per-views and live events than we ever would selling shirts.”

He also said that more heel wrestlers could actually be the performers they want to be if they would just embrace being booed and hated by the fans.

You can listen to the interview in the player below: 

Eden’s Style

The following video features Dolph Ziggler talking to Eden Styles about how to achieve his 80’s inspired ‘rocker style.’