Justin LaBar Talks A Possible Wyatts vs Lesnar Feud, Triple H At NXT Takeover, more; Former CZW Champ Debuts On Chicago Radio Tonight

WZD LabarThis past Monday Chair Shot Reality’s Justin LaBar was the featured guest on the WrestleZone Daily

Justin is the regular WrestleZone Daily guest on Mondays and this week he chats candidly about: 

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You can find some of transcribed quotes and the full audio from Justin’s appearance below. Justin’s appearance begins at the 20:30 minute mark in the embedded audio player:

On his recent pro who he would like to see The Wyatt Family feud with next:

JL: I have my column every Monday and Friday for the Pittsburgh Tribube. In the column you are referencing I think it’s Brock Lesnar. You look at The Wyatt Family and they are about as strong as they have ever been. They have four solid guys who look the part. Who fill out the part that they are cast in that group. They are coming off two big violent wins against four guys who are very credible to the audience. Especially when it comes to violence. The Dudleyz, Rhyno and Dreamer. I don’t know if there is anybody else on the current roster, individually or group, who works. Think about the flexibility. Even with The Wyatt Family if you were to just all of a sudden randomly pick a babyface and have them feud. It doesn’t make sense for them to go up against The New Day. There’s really no body else that makes sense. For Brock Lesnar… he is the one individual to where everybody can win out of this. You can see the display that it is with Brock Lesnar. It’s a suplex of Braun Strowman. To engage these big guys who also have numbers and can rightfully dog pile and attack Brock Lesnar. Obviously, again, credibility goes to them. Add the Paul Heyman factor in to here. It would be promo porn. Him verbally sparring with Bray Wyatt.

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On whether he was surprised that Triple H appeared at the beginning of NXT Takeover: London after having just been laid out by Roman Reigns at TLC:

JL: I’ll be honest with you. When I saw that NXT special and I saw Hunter out there to open the show it took me… it wasn’t until he said, “I got my ass kicked by Roman Reigns but wouldn’t miss this.” I had not even processed in my head, “Oh, that’s right, he is supposed to be selling the injury.” Not because I had forgotten the beating or because I don’t understand the concept of selling an injury. I already had it in my head that, “Ok, that’s Triple H the COO,” which is a fictional title. Look, I had it in my head already. Triple H is… I had no surprise at all that he appeared on camera for this big NXT special in London. It’s almost like he is a whole different person to me. I know that doesn’t make sense but to me I wasn’t shocked by it. I’m not saying it’s necessarily right.

On whether or not he sees Vince McMahon maintaining a presence on WWE TV after being laid out by Roman Reigns last Monday:

JL: I think you see him. It wasn’t to the degree of the beating Triple H got. It was just a Superman Punch. I do think we see him and I encourage people to read my full Pittsburgh Tribune article about this. In my column I start right off with Vince arriving and doing the classic 90’s start. Parking lot, black limo pulls up and tease who is coming out of it. You don’t even have to show Vince. You can hold him off until the top of one of the hours. Just immediately establish he’s going to be on the show. Numbers don’t lie. When Vince is on viewership and interest is immediately increased. 

Justin will be back next Monday, and every Monday, on the WrestleZone Daily at 12:30 pm EST right here on WrestleZone.com

The full archives of WrestleZone Daily can also be listened to in the embedded audio player below: 

Chicago Wrestling Rebellion Holiday Special Tonight

rebellion-Logo01The Chicago Wrestling Rebellion will be featuring it’s Holiday Special tonight at 5 pm CST on WLPN 105.5 FM Chicago. You can listen to it at LumpenRadio.com or by downloading the Lumpen Radio app in the Google Play store. An archived version of the show will be available in the WrestleZone Radio archives later tonight.

Tonight’s CWR Holiday Special features:

  • The debut of former CZW World Heavyweight Champion Robert “Ego” Anthony as a CWR correspondent
  • A full replay of the WWE NXT Takeover: London Media Call featuring Triple H
  • A full replay of WrestleZone Radio’s interview with “The Gobbledy GookerHector Guerrero