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Film Critic Reviews John Cena’s “Daddy’s Home” Cameo, Cole Interviews TTTT Host, NXT Tag Team Returning to Main WWE Roster

NXT Tag Team Returning to Main WWE Roster

john cenaZack Ryder revealed on Twitter that the “Hype Bros.” tag team with Mojo Rawley will be back on the WWE main roster at live events next week.

Film Critic Reviews John Cena’s “Daddy’s Home” Cameo has posted a very negative review of the new Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg comedy “Daddy’s Home.” As noted, the movie features a John Cena cameo at the end, and below is a review excerpt:

“It might qualify as edgy if it wasn’t all so tedious and trite. Ferrell and Wahlberg could play these broadly conceived characters in their sleep, which actually appears to be the case for long stretches of screen time here, and never duplicate the chemistry they demonstrated in “The Other Guys.” Cardellini is thoroughly wasted in a role that’s pure plot device. It’s not until John Cena shows up, in a clever cameo cannily playing off a memorable scene in “Trainwreck,” that true inspiration strikes. Appropriately enough, that happens right before the closing credits.”

Cole Interviews TTTT Host

Michael Cole interviewed the host of tonight’s WWE Tribute to The Troops, Florida Governor Rick Scott, and you can watch it below: