Update On The Rock’s Wrestlemania 32 Availability, What Role He Might Play On The Show

As far as The Rock appearing at WWE WrestleMania 32, his availability for RAW and other promotional appearances still might be limited due his shooting schedule for Baywatch. 

Last week, it was reported that holding up production on the film, even for a day, would be extremely difficult, but not impossible. WWE was holding out hope Rock would still appear in some way, which is clear that he will now, but it’s still unclear what role he will play. Rock didn’t say he will wrestle on the show, and it was last reported he might do a promo instead of a rumored match with Triple H or Seth Rollins. 

The Rock teased some “next level” plans to break records, which you could speculate that a match is in the plans, but WWE and Rock have not said anything specific besides the actual announcement. Rock’s original statement is below: 

“It’s official. People’s champ is coming home to do three things with The People: Set an all-time attendance record. Electrify Dallas like never before and make all-time WrestleMania history. And have fun. Okay, that’s four things, but you know, what the hell. The Rock’s sayin’ `Thank you WWE Universe.’ It’s always an honor coming home and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”