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Joey Ryan Talks About The ‘Penis Flip’ Going Viral, Jim Cornette’s Reaction, Changing How Gay Characters Are Portrayed In Wrestling

Lucha Underground star Joey Ryan recently spoke to Huffington Post‘s Pollo Del Mar during a sit-down interview after a Feb. 26 All-Pro Wrestling show in Daly City, CA. 

Ryan talks about how the YouPorn Plex (aka the ‘penis flip’) move was created, Jim Cornette’s reaction to the whole thing, his involvement with the LGBT community and more. You can read a few excerpts below: 

Joey Ryan explains how the YouPorn Plex came to fruition: 

“Japan is a little different than the United States. [Danshoku Dino] plays the very over-the-top, stereotypical gay stuff where he tries to freak out his opponents by grabbing their dicks and doing weird things to them. We’re two sexual-based characters. Going into the match, we decided we wanted to really do something with it, to play off it.

He said, ‘Maybe you no-sell, because American cock is so big and so strong.’ And that’s how it played out, which really looks hysterical. It caught on and went viral.”

Ryan comments on Jim Cornette’s reaction and comments about the viral video: 

“When I first read it, I was like, ‘So what if I do? Is that wrong? Is that bad?’ Maybe he didn’t mean it that way — using ‘gay’ as an insult to me — but I feel like he needs to be a little more responsible, because he does have a legion of fans. If [Cornette] is going around using that as an insult, then they think it’s ok. It creates bigotry.”

“Trying to use ‘gay’ as an insult doesn’t necessarily mean he is homophobic. But it was a homophobic thing to say. It is just going to create something that doesn’t need to be created. Especially if he actually doesn’t feel that way.”

Ryan comments on trying to change views on LGBT characters with his Chase Walker character from the Wrestling Retribution Project: 

“In the past, with characters like Goldust and Orlando Jordan, gay characters have always been creepy or weird, using their sexuality to freak other wrestlers out. I wanted to have a character that fought the good fight, did well for himself and just so happened to be gay.”