Bret Hart Discusses His WMXIII Classic w/ Steve Austin; Why Was The Ring Bell Important?, What Did Vince McMahon Have To Approve?, More

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WrestleZone Radio is proud to present the debut episode of The Sharpshooter Show w/ Bret “The Hitman” Hart

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Some transcribed quotes from Bret’s latest Hit Of The Week segment featuring him taking a look back at his WrestleMania XIII classic with Steve Austin are available in this post. Some of the topics addressed in those transcribed quotes include:  

  • The importance of the ring bell to the match
  • The one thing in the match Vince approved to happen in the match

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You can listen to Bret’s Hit Of The Week potion of the show starting at the 33:58 minute mark in the embedded audio player below:

On why the ring bell was such an important part of his WrestleMania XIII bout with Steve Austin:

BH: Wrestling is overcomplicated today. These guys are doing so much and it’s so over done some of the stuff. When you look at that match and you watch me roll out of the ring and grab the bell and then decide, “No, the bell’s not good enough.” I walk over and I look at it and you see this look on my face like, “Ah, the bell’s not good enough.” Then I set the bell on the apron, on the side of the ring and then I go and get a chair. The psychology of all of that, you forget all about that bell for the rest of the match. That bell is the story of the match. It plays a big part in the ending. It’s so simple how it’s done. You could just follow the whole path of the match. There’s just things in that match that I just love.

On what Vince McMahon had to approve happening in the bout:

BH: The one thing that we had permission to do in that match and the only thing we got any input on is that Vince said to somebody that it’s ok if me and Steve Austin fight through the crowd and in to the stands. They said they would have security around us. He thought we could do that and were allowed to do that. Normally you aren’t allowed to do that. That was the only thing I got from Vince or the office that was ok to do. Either than that they said, “The rest is up to you guys.” So me and Steve sat there and we pieced together that match. 

The first half of today’s show features Bret chatting candidly with WrestleZone Daily host Nick Hausman about a variety of topics.

Some of the topics discussed during the first half of the show include:

After a brief break Bret & Nick return for the second half of the show joined by Bret’s son Blade.

Bret kicks off the second half of the show with his “Hit Of The Week.” Each episode Bret dives in to his archives and picks one of his favorite personal matches to chat in depth about. This week Bret and Blade take a look back at his WrestleMania XIII classic against “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Then, Bret welcomes on to the show mixed martial artist Micah Terrill. Micah will be competing in the co-main event of Shogun Fights 14 on April 16, 2016 in Baltimore, MA. Micah & Bret dive in to a discussion about:

  • Whether Bret ever considered competing in mixed martial arts
  • Micah’s personal fighting style
  • The big upsets that happened at UFC 196
  • Who Bret thinks will win between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones
  • Micah’s upcoming fight at Shogun Fights 14
  • More…

This episode also features Bret & Blade giving their “4 Out Of 10” award of the week as well as answering questions from the #AskTheHitman mailbag.

You can listen to the full archives from WrestleZone Radio in the embedded audio player below: