WWE NXT Diva Knocked Loopy During a Match, Helped to the Back, Former Bodybuilder Makes His NXT Live Event Debut


WWE NXT Live Event News

According to live reports, WWE NXT Diva Aliyah was shaken up after being hit by Liv Morgan’s standing moonsault which ended their match at Friday’s NXT live event in Palatka, Florida. After the match, the referee called for assistance in helping Aliyah to the back as she seemed “out of it.” Also at last night’s live event in Palatka, Australian bodybuilder Christopher Atkins made his WWE NXT live event debut. Atkins was interviewed in the ring by Alex Reyes and cut a promo about wanting to go straight for the WWE World Heavyweight Title. The 6’6″, 250 pound Atkins was signed to NXT last October in the same class of recruits that included several Tough Enough talents.